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Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves. —Henry David Thoreau

In lieu of bombarding people with stories of summer and life in general, one can explore Graceland to their heart's content.

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48 Hour Filmmaker: San Francisco 2013


24 December 13


18 December 13
Picception #studiobfilms

Picception #studiobfilms

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17 December 13
Day made. @tarzannoz @nerdist

Day made. @tarzannoz @nerdist

12 December 13
This thank you card deserves a thank you card.

This thank you card deserves a thank you card.

22 November 13
The only way to buy me happiness.

The only way to buy me happiness.

8 November 13
And then I looked down and realized I had set up a Wes Anderson shot.  (at Arbor)

And then I looked down and realized I had set up a Wes Anderson shot. (at Arbor)

7 October 13

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13 September 13

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5 September 13

Cuzco, post Jungle Trek -

After a long day at Machu Picchu, the group had to split up due to different train ticket times. Even though the last bus came in at 1 am, we all rallied at the Loki Cuzco like pros. The next day English Alex, German Alex, Tanya, and I explored the city, enjoying Saltañas and the sights. The three had been ripped off by the tour company, and ultimately had to pile into a tourist police truck to get their money back. At the end of the day, we again rallied at Loki, which was throwing a “school” themes party. Despite only having a backpack of clothes to our disposal, we managed to pull together outfits, though they didn’t even start to rival those of the Loki staff.

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It seems like I’ve been going going going these past few weeks, preventing me from keeping the blog up to date. This entry will revisit one of those highlights:

Mancora - I left Guayaquil in search for warmth. After hours on a bus, I arrived in the small surf town of Mancora, Peru. Sadly, when I actually saw the ocean, there were no waves to be found. I spent the weekend at the Loki hostel, which was more like a small resort full of young Australians, Israelis, and a handful of others from around the world. The place was staffed by other travelers, who enjoyed free room and board in exchange for work. The first night was karaoke night, which went down without a hitch as the entire hostel joined together to belt it out. I ran into Daniel and Ben, two of the four British friends I had met in Quito. The next day I teamed up with a group to participate in the Loki Olympics after a morning chilling by the pool. On the last night, after an epic fishing trip that deserves an entirely separate blog entry, the hostel hosted an epic Hawaiian party. I met some wonderfully fun folks in this hostel that can only be described as a miniature club med. To quote the Lonely Planet, “if you haven’t heart of Loki, you probably shouldn’t go there.”

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